Automatic self-cleaning filter system for cooling tower water filtration

Location Turkey Application Full-Flow Cooling Tower Water Filtration Flow Rate 1200 m3/h Filter Body Material Epoxy coated carbon steel Filter Element Material AISI 316L Model Filternox® SPT-SBV-MR model filter Filter Quantity 2 Automation Two units parallel mounted, fully automatic filtration system with RS communication system and 7” HMI touch screen + PLC + Frequency Convertor.

Custom designed filter with 6 mm thickness ASME construction

Location U.A.E. Application Irrigation Pumping Station Flow Rate 450 m3/h Filter Body Material AISI 316L – ASME Design with 6 mm thickness Filter Element Material AISI 316L Pressure Class PN16 Filter Quantity 3 units Filter Model Filternox® SPT-WBV-MR Automation 7” HMI touch screen + PLC + Frequency Convertor, IP66 protection class, Emergency Stop Button, Fully automatic filtration system with RS communication system.

Automatic self-cleaning filter system for mold water filtration

Location Turkey Application Mold water filtration for glass industry Flow Rate 45 m3/h Filter Body Material AISI 304L Filter Element Material AISI 316L Model Filternox® SPT-MR model filter Automation Two units parallel mounted, fully automatic filtration system with RS communication system and PLC + frequency converter.

AquaTech 2019 Amsterdam

You’re very welcome to visit us at AquaTech 2019, Amsterdam. The exhibition will be held from 5 to 8 November. Filternox Booth No: 02.300 Exhibition information:  

No Fish Through the Net

Location Eskisehir / Turkey Application Irrigation Flow Rate 4662 m3/s Filter Body Material AISI 304L Filter Element Material AISI 316Ti Model Filternox® SPT-WBV-MR Patented Filter Automation PLC with Touch Screen HMI Panel   At Eskisehir 3rd Regional Directorate Irrigation Project, a large fish reached one of Filternox® automatic backwashing filters that have been in operation since April 2017. This happened in spite of the coarse intake strainer where water is abstracted from the nearby dam. The automatic backwashing system of our filter has discharged the fish through the 2″(DN50) diameter drainage. The purpose of our filters is to remove such large […]

Do you know how dirty your water is?

DO YOU KNOW HOW CLEAN OR DIRTY YOUR WATER IS? Incoming water that looks limpid may not be as clean as you think. Only after 12 minutes of filtration process, drainage water can be 50 times dirtier than the feed water. The pictures below illustrate a well water filtration application to fill a swimming pool, household use and irrigation. Filternox engineers have developed a compact filtration unit called Filternox® NTU Terminator featuring a 5-micron Filternox® designed screen, extremely effective to improve water quality. You can reach the desired output quality by using only the Filternox® NTU Terminator for domestic use (well […]

Filternox with a spectacular Bosphorus view

Location Istanbul Bosphorus / Turkey Application Heat Exchanger Protection Flow Rate 140 m3/h Filter Body Material AISI 316L Filter Element Material AISI 316Ti Model Filternox® SPT-WBV-MR patented filter Automation PLC + RS Communication System with Frequency Converter

One of the largest Filternox filters for landscaping application

One of the largest Filternox® filters for landscaping application is active now with 30.000 m3/day in Middle East. Application Landscape Irrigation Source of water Treated Sewage Effluent Filter body AISI 316L Filter element AISI 316L Design pressure PN16  

We are at IFAT Eurasia 2019

Visit us at IFAT Eurasia: Hall 11 | D-4 March 28-30, 2019   IFM – Istanbul Expo Center Çobançeşme Kavşağı, Yeşilköy, Bakırköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Filtration for Chiller Plant, Far-East

Another special large filter production and tests were completed successfully and it was shipped out to Far-East. Application Filtration for Chiller Plant Source of water Sea Water Filter body AISI 316L Filter element AISI 316L Design pressure PN16  

Great success of Filternox filter with 20 micron during Shanghai test

HIGH TSS FILTRATION IN 20 MICRON As an automatic self-cleaning filter manufacturer, Filternox® has designed patented new technology products to guarantee continuous filtration under high TSS conditions. The sea water quality varies widely in various ports around the world and some of them, especially in Shanghai and Hamburg, where there is intense traffic, includes excessive high particle load. This situation causes serious problems especially in terms of ballast water. Very high amounts of suspended solids cause two main problems if they cannot be effectively filtered out of sea water. Organic and inorganic particles, which form suspended solids, accumulate in the […]

Custom filter design, Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong Application: Sea Water Filtration Filtration Flow Rate: 1188 m³/h – 1440 m³/h Filter Model: Special ACF-W 132616-MR Inlet-Outlet Diameter: DN 400 Filter Quantity: 1 unit Filtration Area: 25.000 cm² System Description: The filter is specially designed and produced to replace an old technology filter without any change in the existing piping system. Before shipment Installation

Experts in Water Reuse & Recycling

The world will begin running out of clean water! Global clean water shortages to be expected at alarmingly increasing rates in the near future. Clean water has become a major problem since water usage has increased with the increasing population and the development of the industries. Water shortage brings people to seek for alternative water sources for irrigation. The problem is: “How do municipalities, especially the municipalities in the Middle East, continue to irrigate green fields? How are they going to build new green zones? How are we going to maintain recreational areas such lawns and gardens?” The answer is […]

Raw Well Water Filtration – Veolia

Filternox® patented technology SPT-WBV-MR model filters have been supplied for Veolia for the project of raw well water filtration in a Water Treatment Plant, Serbia. The filters have been provided with custom design according to project requirement with complete stainless steel structure, with its PLC electric control panel and electric actuated outlet valves. Application Area Water Treatment Plant Application Filtration of Raw Well Water Filtration Flow Rate 320 m3/h /filter Filtration Level 100 micron Filter Model SPT-WBV 122412-MR Inlet-Outlet Diameter DN 300 Filter Quantity 2

Dam Water Filtration

Location Turkey Water Source Dam water Application Agricultural irrigation (DSI) Filtration System Flow Rate 2480 m3/h Filter Type Double Effect Cleaning Mechanism(Brush&Vacuum Nozzle) Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Filter Model SPT-WBV 120514-MR Number of filter units 6 Filtration Level 200 micron Body material AISI 304L Screen material AISI 316Ti

Filtration for dense soda-ash factory

Location Turkey Factory Dense Soda Ash and Sodium Bicarbonate factory Application Filtration of trona ore hot water solution Filter Model Filternox® SPT 120408-MR Number of filter units 16 units Filtration Level 25 micron Screen area / filter 10.800 cm² / filter Body material AISI 304L Screen material AISI 316L   FILTERNOX® IN SOLUTION MINING   The Solution Mining Research Institute (SMRI) defines solution mining as “mining of underground, water-soluble minerals, usually using one or more drilled wells to dissolve the minerals with water”. Minerals such as salt, potash, trona, and magnesium salts may be produced by pumping saturated fluid from underground caverns. The […]

Food and Beverage Industry – Venice, Italy

Project Food and Beverage Industry / Venice – Italy (Largest water bottling factory in Italy) Application Filtration of well water from the mountain Filternox® Supplied System 1 unit Filternox® SPT-WBV 116408-MR model filter as first stage filtration and 2 units Special SPT 124408-MR model filters as second stage filtration. PLC electric control panel and auxiliary equipment. Filtration System Flow 200 m³/h First Stage Filtration Level 80 micron Second Stage Filtration Level 20 micron First Stage Filter Filtration Area 7.800 cm² Second Stage Filters Total Filtration Area 25.600 cm² Filter Body Material AISI 304L Filter Element Material AISI 316L    

Hospital Project

Project Hospital in Istanbul / Turkey    Application      Sweeper Basin Pipe System Water Filtration of Cooling Tower via Filternox® Skid Mounted System Filternox® Supplied System  Ready to install Filternox® Skid Mounted System including Filternox® SPT 116508-MR model filter, high capacity pump, PLC electric control panel, and auxiliary equipment Control & Automation One unit PLC electric control panel controls whole skid mounted system; Filternox® self cleaning filter and pump Flow  320 m3/h / Filternox® skid mounted system Filtration level 100 micron No of skid mounted systems 4 units Pump motor power  37 kW Screen surface area 10.000 cm2/filter Filter housing & skid […]

Filtration for integrated health campus

Location Turkey Plant Integrated Health Campus Application Cooling Tower Side Stream Filtration Flow 18 m³/h / skid mounted filtration system Filter Model Filternox® FMS-V 108102-MR Amount of skid system 2 units Filtration Level 50 micron Screen area / filter 1.250 cm² Body material AISI 304L Screen material AISI 316L  

Automatic hydro-cyclone for textile industry waste water

Automatic Hydrocyclone Location Pakistan Application Textile industry waste water Total Flow 54 m³/h Model Filternox® HDS 116104 Amount of filter units 1 Material AISI 304L Cleaning System Automatic cleaning by timer  

Filtration for styrofoam factory

Location: İzmit-Gebze Factory: Styrofoam production Application: Filtration of Styrofoam particles Total Flow 120 m³/h Filter Model Filternox® SPT-WBV 116306-MR Amount of filter units 1 unit Filtration Level 100 micron Screen area 6.000 cm² Body material AISI 304L Screen material AISI 316L

FMS-V-MR filter for Repsol®

Location: Spain – Coruna Factory: Repsol Application: Heat exchanger protection by filtration Total Flow 10 m³/h Filter Model Filternox® FMS-V 108102-MR Amount of filter units 1 unit Filtration Level 25 micron Screen area 1.250 cm² Body material AISI 304L Screen material AISI 316L REPSOL® is  a registered trademark of REPSOL, S.A.

Shipping to Dubai

Dubai has been continuing to replace their old filters with innovative, patented-technology Filternox filters.

Filternox Filters VS Sand Filters

Real-world benefits of using Filternox filters over conventional sand filters:   Automatic Filternox Filters Pressurized Sand Filters Space Occupation Requires less space for any given capacity. Requires a larger space to filter same amount of liquids. Footprint The space occupied is up to 6 times less area. Sand filters occupy a large area which can be used for other tasks instead. Total weight Weighs up to 6 times less. Provides easy storage and maintenance. Weighs considerably more and hard to handle and store. Bulk weights make initial construction cost, maintenance, operation and storage area availability huge problems to deal with. […]

Filternox inaugurated new facilities in Valencia

Filternox inaugurated new facilities in Valencia (Spain), under the name of Filternox Europe S.L. FILTERNOX EUROPE S.L. C/ Plus Ultra, nº 29. 46006 Valencia – SPAIN. (+34) 96 008 39 11  

Prefiltration for Paper Mill Factory

Filtration Solution for Prefiltration of Paper Mill Factory, Handling 2000 m3/h within a Single Self Cleaning Filter Unit Location Svishtov, Bulgaria Application Prefiltration of river water with self cleaning filter Total Flow 4000 m3/h Filter Model Filternox ACF-W 140520-MR Amount of filter units 2 units Flow per filter 2000 m3/h Filtration Level 3 mm Screen area / filter 25.000 cm2 / filter Body material Epoxy coated carbon steel Screen material AISI 316L

İzmir Seferihisar Irrigation Filter Station

Application İzmir Seferihisar irrigation filter station Application point Sluice outlet of dam Filtration flow rate 3780 m³/h Filter type Double stage automatic self cleaning filter Filter model Filternox® KQR-BWBV 416520-MR Filter quantity 3 1st stage filtration area 20.000 cm²/filter 2nd stage filtration area 38.400 cm²/filter Total filtration area 175.200 cm²   Installation of the filter station, which has 2 stage filtration with automatic self-cleaning system has been completed. Filtration level of the 1st stage of the filters is 2mm and the filtration level of the 2nd stage is 200 microns. 200 micron 2nd stage of the specially designed filter station […]

Filtration solution for mining facility in Canada

 Location:   Mining facility, Canada  Application:   Filtration of mine washing water recirculation with automatic filters.  Filtration capacity:   400 m3/h  Number of filters:   1 duty + 1 stand-by  Filter model:   Filternox SPT-WBV 120408-MR  System description:   Uninterrupted water filtration station with PLC remote control and monitoring.

Aquatech-2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands

We participated in Aquatech / Amsterdam between Nov 3rd and 6th and it was a very successful participation with many visitors. Thank you all who had come and visited us during the exhibition.

Custom Made Filtration Solution for Italy

Application: Sea water filtration solution to avoid sand filter Flow Rate: 200 m³/h Filter Type: Double stage filter with triple cleaning mechanism Filtration Level:      First Stage 100 micron, Second Stage 25 micron Filter Model: KFH-WBVV 116508-MR

Shipping to India

Application: Side stream cooling water filtration Filtration Type: Skid mounted filtration system Location: India Flow Rate: 2 x 60 m³/h Model of Filter: KFH-B 110204-MR