In order to provide longer service life
5 Microns
No limit during filtration mode.
Yes. Photo
Yes. Green filter.
Yes. Filternox has developed a patented multi-functioning filter for this purpose.
Yes, to make filtration simple and affordable.
For many applications they are applicable. Please see our sand filter comparison.
We provide tailor made solutions.
TSS(Total Suspended Solid) and related pollutants.
No, can be applicable only as pre-filtration.
Yes. Photo
Static sieve traps the different sized particles while the water flows over the filter’s screen. Static sieve does not need any motor or electricity during its operation. Stainless steel structure and robust screening system does not require maintenance but only periodic cleaning. Static sieves are used as prefiltration in waste water treatment plants, and also are used in process water filtration in several industries such as textile, wood, food, etc. According to application purpose, the filtration level can vary from the mm size down to 200 micron.
Yes, static sieves, drum filters, and manual cleaning pressurized filters.
Yes. Low density particles are filtered via Filternox® Static Sieve down to 200 micron without need of electricity.
Filternox® Drum, Filternox® Static Sieves.
Total Suspended Solid
Filternox® offers patented filter models designed for this purpose. Filtration solutions can be provided with single or double-stage filter units depending on required filtration levels.
Yes. Please specify your custom requests during order processing.
No. The required assembly info is included in the user’s manual. We also provide supervision services if any assistance is required.
We recommend that your drain lines have as few elbows as possible.
Eighty-two countries at the moment.