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Well Water

Our well water strainers reduce operating costs by eliminating down time for maintenance and preventing equipment damage caused by high dirt loads.


Filternox® automatic backwashing filters protect bearings and sealing equipment and prevents fouling caused by dam water in the pipes and heat exchanging surfaces.

Fish Farm

Filternox® automatic water purifiers provide the most convenient and hygienic filtration for aquafarming.

Cooling Tower and HVAC

By using Filternox® automatic self cleaning filters in the cooling system, either as sidestream or full flow applications, you will avoid system maintenance shut downs and also decrease chemical consumption for water conditioning.

Steel Industry and Nozzle Protection

Filternox® industrial water filters provide a perfect solution to prevent clogging of nozzles and to maintain non-stop production of high quality steel.

Our special "high energy back-flushing system" avoids screen blockages from oil and grease.


Filternox® automatic back-wash filters protect irrigation and fertilizing systems from all kinds of particles and assure years of continued operation without the clogging of drippers, springlers, etc.

Sea Water

Filternox® sea water filters provide permanent solution with rubber coating over stainless steel body.

Surface Water, Ultra-Filtration & Reverse Osmosis

Our surface water filtration units provide both coarse and fine screens for lake and river water purification.

Automotive, Sprinkler System

Self-Cleaning filters are preferred for water recovery and spray nozzle clogging prevention in the sprinkler system where the vehicles are tested for leakage.

Washing & Recirculation

Protects reusable container washers and prevents unscheduled down-times.

Plastics Industry

Plastic injection and extrusion mold cooling water and process water filtration are the main usage areas where efficient water filtration is necessary in the plastics industry.

Greywater Applications

Greywater can be reused for cleaning, irrigation, toilet flushing and car washing. Our filters get rid of the solid particles in greywater.

Oil Refinery Applications

Filternox® filters reduce operating costs and enable a more environmentally friendly system.

Artificial Snow

Contamination on water line can cause blockage in nozzles and cause damage to snow machines.

Filternox® filters remove coarse and fine particles from water source with automatic backwash cleaning system to secure the line and process.

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