The world will begin running out of clean water!

Global clean water shortages to be expected at alarmingly increasing rates in the near future.

Clean water has become a major problem since water usage has increased with the increasing population and the development of the industries. Water shortage brings people to seek for alternative water sources for irrigation.

The problem is: “How do municipalities, especially the municipalities in the Middle East, continue to irrigate green fields? How are they going to build new green zones? How are we going to maintain recreational areas such lawns and gardens?”

The answer is to reuse wastewater! Especially in the Middle East, water shortage has led people to use treated sewage effluent (TSE) as a water source for landscaping. With wastewater recovery, it is possible to supply the amount of water used in landscaping. In this case, filtration and disinfection become important together with a properly operating water treatment plant.

At this moment Filternox® Filters are on the scene.

Why Filternox?

As Filternox® we are involved in many landscaping & irrigation projects worldwide and specifically, we have many filtration applications which were held by UAE. Depending on the water quality, Filternox® recommends its high technology SPT-WBV-MR filters which can handle high dirt loads.



Patented technology SPT-WBV-MR filters have many advantages for the municipalities such as;

  • Less maintenance requirement in the irrigation system with our non-clog filter
  • Saving regular maintenance time and labor cost due to blockages in irrigation equipment
  • Low footprint with its compact design even in high flow rates
  • Easy installation horizontally or vertically, both inline and online
  • Low installation cost
  • The lowest head loss with its special design
  • Simple design, at least 50% less parts (spare parts and consumables) compared to the old technology filters
  • Easy control of all operations from the control panel
  • Optional remote monitoring and control available
  • Adjustable duration and the speed of the back-flushing to minimize the amount of drainage water

One of the most important features of Filternox® Filters is that they are non-clog type. In order to test this characteristic and prove it, our double cleaning technology filter has been challenged with the “Shanghai Test” in Holland. During this test, our filter with a filtration level of 20 microns has faced with 2000 ppm (suspended solids) artificial mud and eventually it continued its normal operation after each back-flush.

Municipal maintenance directors, consultants, and contractors are welcome to contact us and let us begin solving their problems to reduce maintenance costs together. With our more than 30 years of expertise in the field, we are ready to make tailor made designs for your applications with no extra cost.

Below photos show the difference between before and after Filternox® Filter applications. The irrigation system protection was improved dramatically and can be clearly seen on landscaping greenery area.