Golf Course Irrigation

Recreational green fields like golf courses need to be maintained in a certain level of quality to make them appealing for people to come back. Attaining a smooth grass surface on golf fields isn’t easy. The type of grass, cutting height and mowing frequency, fertilizing, and sand topdressing are all very important steps to achieve that perfect look. One of these important key steps is a properly working irrigation system. Uninterrupted operation of the irrigation system requires proper water filters. To prevent clogging of sprinklers and irrigation lines, Filternox® developed self cleaning filters which are designed as per system’s requirements […]

Filters for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

New regulations require for almost all types of vessels to implement filtration systems of maximum 50 microns followed by a UV system for disinfection of ballast water. Filternox® engineers developed a new model designed specifically for ballast water treatment. As the ballast system requires high flows, and to meet the 50 micron filtration requirement, filtration surface areas have to be large. The technology used in Filternox® ballast water treatment systems provide the optimum surface area for efficient filtration. Filternox® also offers models that combine two stage filtration within one unit with automatic self-cleaning of the coarse screen structure integrated into the fine screen […]

Washing & Recirculation

Filternox® filters are successfully integrated in reusable container(tray, crate, trolley, pallet, bin, etc.) washers and extend the life of such cleaning and disinfection systems by protecting nozzles from blockage caused by dirt and many types of contaminants. Protecting your washer equipment helps you ensure longer up-times and prevents unscheduled system down-times. Filternox® SPT-WBV-MR and PFH-MR automatic self-cleaning filters are our recommended products for washing & re-circulation installations and both models can be easily adapted to any type of industrial washer system. Industrial crate washer, protected by Filternox® automatic self-cleaning filters.

Automotive Industry

Sprinkler System Filternox® filters are widely used in the automotive industry as well as in different processes and units of many industrial plants such as iron and steel, paper, textile, plastic and chemistry. Automatic Self-Cleaning filters are preferred for water recovery and spray nozzle clogging prevention in the sprinkler system where the vehicles are tested for leakages.   The vehicles are contaminated with sand, gravel, silt and other pollutants during the various tests carried out at open-air environment after their production. Following these tests, the vehicles are subjected to a leakage test. For that, the water sprayed on the vehicle […]

Oil Refinery Applications

Filternox® provides efficient and easy-to-use solutions in the fields of Heat Exchanger Cooling Water and Sea Water Filtration. Contaminants in your cooling water cause heat exchangers to get blocked. In this case, filtration is very important because this blockage will cause problems in your system by preventing cooling (heat transfer) at the desired level. Filternox® filters filter both coarse and fine particles in your water and prevent clogging problems in the heat exchangers. In this way, you will increase your operating efficiency and reduce your operating and maintenance costs. Filternox® filters save water by reducing the amount of waste water […]

Greywater Applications

In recent years, water has become the biggest global concern due to depletion of water sources and global warming. This issue led people to find alternative solutions to preserve water sources and make benefit from water as much as possible. To reduce the domestic waste water discharged, new approaches have revealed. These new approaches aim to reevaluate domestic waste water by separating streams at the source with stream segregation as black water and greywater. Black water which can be basically defined as toilet wastewater and greywater is any domestic wastewater but toilet wastewater. In conventional wastewater management systems, domestic wastewater […]

Plastics Industry Filters

Filternox® offers a wide range of filtration solutions in the plastics industry. Plastic Injection Mold Cooling Water, Extrusion Mold Cooling Water, Process Water Filtration are the main usage areas in plastic industry. Pollution that may be found in the plastics industry cooling water system is as follows: Pollution that may come from raw water source Plastic particles from the production process Rust and metal particles coming from the cooling water line Contamination from the atmosphere in the cooling tower These impurities negatively affect the operation of units such as cooling water lines, stilling basin, cooling towers which cause increase in […]

Artificial Snow Application

Filternox® offers filtration solutions for Artificial Snow Production applications. Pollution that may occur in Artificial Snow Production Applications is as follows: Pollution that may come from raw water source Pollution from return water of snowmelt Contamination from the atmosphere in the cooling tower Contamination on your line can cause blockages in the nozzles, causing damage to the machines and affecting the production of the artificial snow at the desired level adversely. Filternox® filters remove coarse and fine particles from your water source with its automatic backwash cleaning system to secure your line and process. Filternox® filters save water by reducing […]

Filters for Surface Water Treatment Systems (River Water, Lake Water)

Like sea water, surface water also contains a wide variety and sizes of contaminant particles. To effectively meet this challenge, filtration units require both coarse and fine automatic filtration. Sediment build up and the consequent loss of efficiency is one of the main problems in heat exchangers, nozzles, ion exchange systems, seals, membranes and other sensitive equipment. To prevent unscheduled and unforseen system shut downs for cleaning, the installation of Filternox® Automatic Self Cleaning Filters will remove suspended particles from the incoming water source such as lake water and river water, thus providing uninterrupted operating conditions. The use of Filternox® […]

Filters for Well Water Filtration Systems

Filtration of well water is becoming one of the most important forms of filtration in the environmentally changing world. High carbon emissions along with the increasing greenhouse effect have dramatically reduced underground water supplies. This in turn, increases the amount of both organic and inorganic contaminants in the well water that is pumped through pipelines and other systems, creating the need of filtering well water. Along with this, fluctuations in weather patterns have limited the availability of surface water in certain locations, increasing the demand for water from wells. As a result, the filtration of well water is becoming a very important […]

Filters for Fish Farm Water Treatment Systems

Fish farms use either sea water or fresh water as a source of water for fish production. Because of the requirement of sufficient fresh water, a water purification system must be integrated in the fish farm. As well as the supply water being filtered, the water inside the tanks and basins should also be continuously filtered by side stream to maintain the necessary sanitary water conditions. The complete stainless steel structure of Filternox® automatic self cleaning strainers provide the most convenient and hygienic treatment for the removal of suspended solids and particles for aquafarming with minimal maintenance costs. Recommended water filters for aquafarming SPT-WBV-MR […]

Filters for Sea Water Treatment & Reverse Osmosis Systems

The size of dirt particles contained in sea water varies widely. Therefore sea water filtration needs more care than other fluids. A very special filtration solution is required to remove particles from 10 mm at one end of the spectrum down to 50 micron particles at the other. It requires filtration of both coarse and fine particles at the same time. Filternox® offers special models, KFH, KTW and KQR which have both coarse and fine filtration stages in one body and both featuring an independent automatic self-cleaning system. Filternox® automatic self cleaning filters are used for sea water filtration on […]

Filters for Steel Industry Cooling Water Treatment Systems

The quality of cooling water is crucial for the manufacturing of high quality steel. If cooling water contains particles which clog the spray nozzles, this will lower the quality of the end product. This may also lead to serious losses in production due to the unscheduled shut down of production lines. Filternox® automatic self cleaning strainers provide a perfect solution to prevent clogging of the nozzles and to maintain continuous production by removal of the particles contained in cooling water. In addition, Filternox® special “high energy back-flushing system” avoids screen blockages from oil and grease which are expected to be […]

Filters for HVAC & Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems

Cooling towers act in a similar way to air scrubbers by collecting all particles from the surrounding environment into the cooling water. These particles, such as dust, sand, algaes and pollen easily attach to hot surfaces during circulation inside the cooling system and cause clogging, fouling and reduction in efficiency of the process, which results in the shut down of the system for cleaning. Efficient filtration is very important for maintaining the continuous operation of the cooling system. By using Filternox® filters in your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) or  cooling tower water treatment systems, either as sidestream or full flow […]

Filters for Power Generation Water Treatment Systems

A decrease in efficiency due to the accumulation of particles is one of the main problems with heat exchangers. Even a minor layer of scale causes a dramatic decrease in the transfer of heat which can result in the unforeseen shut down of the system for cleaning. Filternox® automatic self cleaning filters, by removing all suspended solids and particles, provide uninterrupted working conditions for heat exchangers. As well as protecting heat exchangers, Filternox® automatic self cleaning filters will also provide protection for nozzles, ion exchangers, seals, membranes and other sensitive equipment installed in your system. The use of Filternox® automatic self […]

Filters for Irrigation Water Treatment Systems

Reduction of available fresh water sources has become a major problem in recent years. The consequent reduction in water volume has also increased the concentration of contaminants and pollution. Because of this problem, modern irrigation systems, using either underground or surface water are requiring more efficient filtration systems. Automatic irrigation filters protect irrigation and fertilizing systems from all kinds of particles and assure years of continued operation without letting drippers and sprinkler nozzles clog by suspended solids such as algae, sand, leaves, molluscs, etc. Filternox® auto clean filters are the perfect solution for golf courses, agriculture, gardening and all applications […]