Filternox PQR-VMR

With their special design, PQR-VMR models provide safe and uninterrupted filtration.

Filternox® secures up to 200.000cm2 filtration area with its largest PQR-VMR model filters.

All Filternox® Motor Reducer models have the option to adjust either one way or round trip cleaning sequences resulting in lesser drainage water consumption.

Body Material Max. Operating Temperature Back-Flush Water Consumption
AISI 304L, AISI 316L 60°C / 90°C 400 – 1200 l / back-flush
Screen Material Headloss at Max. Flow Rate Fine Screen Range
AISI 316L 0.2 bar 10 – 3000 micron
Max. Operating Pressure Back-Flush Time Control System
PN10 / PN16 80 – 180 s Electric
Min. Inlet Pressure Required During Back-Flush rpm of Cleaning Mechanism
2 bar Adjustable

For different pressure and material requirements, please contact us.

pqr-vmr motor reducer water purifierpqr-vmr industrial water filter

Model Brochure & Dimensions