Application 1
Process Water Filtration
Application 2
Cooling Water Filtration for Exchanger Protection
Filter Model 1
SPT 114406-MR
Filter Model 2
SPT-SBV 124616-MR
Design Pressure
Max. 10 bar
Design Temperature 60 °C
Filtration Level 1
100 micron
Filtration Level 2
250 micron
Filter Body Material AISI 304L
Filter Element Material
Flow Rate 1
150 m³/h
Flow Rate 2
800 m³/h
Filter Quantity 1+1
Cleaning Mechanism 1
Vacuum Noozle
Cleaning Mechanism 2
Brush + Vacuum Nozzle (Double Effect)


We’re thrilled to announce the successful start-up of our customer’s “Process Water Filtration” and “Cooling Water Filtration for Exchanger Protection” systems thanks to our patented double-effect cleaning system. With flow rates of 150 and 800 m3 per hour, and filtration levels at 100 and 250 microns, we’re redefining efficiency and excellence in water filtration.