Filternox FMS-WBV-MR
Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning FMS-WBV-MR

Case Study


The primary objective of this case study is to compare the performance and cost implications before and after the installation of Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning water filters on the leather board machine to recycle water and for nozzle protection.
The focus is particularly on rapid return on investment and green environmental solutions.


Before Installation

+ High consumption of city mains water.

+ Environmental impact due to wasteful water consumption.

+ Regular maintenance and potential wear on nozzles due to water quality issues.

+ Significant operational costs related to water usage.

+ High operational expenses associated with the discharge of wastewater in the industrial zone.



Before the installation of Filternox® water filters, the leather board machine directly utilized city mains water, leading to a considerable cost every month. This inefficient practice resulted in substantial recurring expenses associated with the disposal of dirty water, contributing to ongoing operational costs.


After Installation

+ Significantly reduced reliance on mains water.

+ 24/7 nozzle protection.

+ Improved environmental sustainability through water recycling.

+ Compared to the time before installation, there is a substantial reduction in wastewater discharge and the associated industrial zone fees.

+ Rapid return on investment, achieved in approximately two months.

+ Daily water savings is comparable to water consumption of a small town with 6000 residents.



Filternox® Filters stand out as a highly efficient and rapidly self-redeeming investment. The leading leather board manufacturing company in this case experienced annual savings of approximately €135,000 by installing the Filternox® Filters. Beyond the substantial economic benefits, the environmental impact is noteworthy, as the system contributes significantly to water conservation, preventing wasteful discharge into sewage and positively affecting our sustainable future.


Daily Water Saving 1.400 tonnes
Annual Water Saving 369.600 m3
Water Price per m3 €0.3648
Annual Total Amount Saved €134.830 + Industrial zone waste discharge fees


This case study serves as a compelling example of the tangible financial benefits and sustainable outcomes that can be realized through strategic investments in water filtration and recycling technologies offered by Filternox®.