Real-world benefits of using Filternox filters over conventional sand filters:


Automatic Filternox Filters Pressurized Sand Filters
Space Occupation
sand filter comparison
Requires less space for any
given capacity.
Requires a larger space to filter same amount of liquids.
sand filter comparison
The space occupied is up to 6 times less area. Sand filters occupy a large area which can be used for other tasks instead.
Total weight
sand filter comparison
Weighs up to 6 times less.
Provides easy storage and maintenance.
Weighs considerably more and hard to handle and store.

Bulk weights make initial construction cost, maintenance, operation and storage area availability huge problems to deal with.

Backflush water consumption
sand filter comparison
Back-flush water is 15 times less. Save money and the environment. Large volume of water is needed for back-flush.
Energy requirement
sand filter comparison
Up to 100 times less energy is required for usual operation. Requires high amount of energy with high operation cost.
Energy options
sand filter comparison
Thanks to their efficient designs, Filternox filters can be operated with solar energy. No alternative energy option is presented with sensible gains and return on investment.
Filtration efficiency VS time
sand filter comparison
Requires much less frequent maintenance and performance degradation is negligible. Sand filters require frequent and costly care. Significant performance degradation before sand change can result in complete system failure leaving you with damaged valuable equipment. In addition to high cost repairs, bacterial growth can raise catastrophic health and safety issues. Sand leak can be a possible problem.
Initial cost
sand filter comparison
Requires about one-third of a
conventional sand filter’s initial cost.
High cost, low Return on Investment. Does not meet expectations.
Transportation cost
sand filter comparison
Cheaper to transport considering its volume and weight. Very expensive and time consuming to transport and to put back in operational state.

A presentation comparing Filternox® filters with conventional sand filters.

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