As an automatic self-cleaning filter manufacturer, Filternox® has designed patented new technology products to guarantee continuous filtration under high TSS conditions.

The sea water quality varies widely in various ports around the world and some of them, especially in Shanghai and Hamburg, where there is intense traffic, includes excessive high particle load. This situation causes serious problems especially in terms of ballast water.

Very high amounts of suspended solids cause two main problems if they cannot be effectively filtered out of sea water.

  • Organic and inorganic particles, which form suspended solids, accumulate in the ballast tanks of the vessels and cause a serious additional weight. The additional weight created by the accumulated sludge increases the energy costs and causes operational difficulties resulting from sludge removal operations. The disposal of the removed sludge  is also a serious problem, while it is only possible to clean it in dry dock.
  • The second problem is that most Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) outlet water quality is not able to fulfill the IMO and the US Coast Guard standards due to the continuous failure of the automatic filter, which cause severe operational distress, damage and loss of time.

As is known, the filtration level of the filters used in ballast water treatment systems should be very low, since it is necessary both to reach the above mentioned standards and to increase the efficiency of the disinfection system, which is applied after filtration.

In the light of this information, the Filternox® R & D group applied for the test of their specially designed filter with double-action cleaning system, developed in 2018, in an accredited test facility in the Netherlands.

The test includes two objectives:

  • The first objective is to ensure the highest possible removal of living organisms.

As a result of the 20 micron filtration test, the rate of living organism removal in the Filternox double cleaning system was 99%.

  • The second objective is to perform the highest pollution concentration test where the filter can perform all functions without interruption.

For this purpose, the so-called test “Shanghai Test”, the synthesized sludge was dosed into the filter inlet water to adjust the water to be filtered to the SS value of 1850 ppm. As a result of this test carried out with a 20 micron filter screen, the Filternox® filter has successfully completed uninterrupted operation by providing perfect cleaning on the screen surface after every automatic backwash with all its functions.


The tests were carried out for 5 days and were registered with a detailed result report. Those interested can request a detailed report of this test from info@filternox.com.

The success of the tests is the result of in-depth experience of Filternox® staff,  contributing to the design of Filternox® products over 30 years.

As Filternox® team, we invite everyone who have problems in ballast water filtration and in other filtration applications to contact us for meeting their needs in the most appropriate way and to experience the comfort of our internationally patented solutions.