Historical Development in Water Filtration by Filternox®

FILTERNOX® has recently launched the first large scale Filter Station for channel water which can handle coarse and fine filtration together in the same filter body.

The Location is Urfa-Suruç, TURKEY.

Incoming Pipe Diameter: 1800 mm
Total Flow: 6500 lt/sec (23.400 m3/h)
Amount of filter units: 14 units of FILTERNOX® KQR-B 612620 Filters



14 x Filternox® KQR-B 612620 MODEL FILTER

Flow Per Filter: 1672 m3/h
Design Pressure: PN 10
Design temperature: 65 °C
Flow Per Filter: 23.100 cm2/ filter (2mm)
Fine screen area: 41.500 cm2/ filter (200 mic)
Body material: AISI 304L
Screen material: AISI 316L
Total filtration area: 904.400 cm2
Filtration Logic: According to ΔP, timer or manually, all the filters conduct back-flushing automatically by PLC controlled main control panel.




Interested parties are welcome to contact us for more information.