Application İzmir Seferihisar irrigation filter station
Application point Sluice outlet of dam
Filtration flow rate
3780 m³/h
Filter type Double stage automatic self cleaning filter
Filter model Filternox® KQR-BWBV 416520-MR
Filter quantity 3
1st stage filtration area
20.000 cm²/filter
2nd stage filtration area 38.400 cm²/filter
Total filtration area 175.200 cm²


Installation of the filter station, which has 2 stage filtration with automatic self-cleaning system has been completed. Filtration level of the 1st stage of the filters is 2mm and the filtration level of the 2nd stage is 200 microns.

200 micron 2nd stage of the specially designed filter station is equipped with a double acting self-cleaning system that is made of brushes and vacuum nozzles for high dirt load applications.

izmir-seferihisar-sulama-filtre-1 izmir-seferihisar-sulama-filtre-2

Operational state