In general, prominent problems in well water filtration are grouped under three main headings:

  1. With the first start of the pump, heavy pollution comes in and sudden blockage occurs in the filter.
  2. Turbidity in the water.
  3. Iron and manganese in the water.

The solution to the first of these problems is challenging as it requires a special filter with backwash system. Usually a tank is installed after the well. This increases investment cost and adds the need to be cleaned periodically.

Filternox®, has developed solutions to these three problems mentioned above without the need for adding a balance tank.

With the first activation of the pump, all the sand, silt and other organic or inorganic particles accumulated in the well can suddenly enter the filter, cover the surface of the filter screen and block it. In this case, Filternox® patented double cleaning filter is the definite solution. The double cleaning filter discharges first all the coarse and cleanable particles, swept with a brush, via its drainage line. Immediately after this process, the remaining particles left on the screen surface are removed by the vacuum suction system.



If there is turbidity in the water and this is a problem, then Filternox® NTU Terminator takes over the solution. NTU Terminator incorporates a deep filtration screen specially developed by Filternox R&D division and significantly eliminates turbidity thanks to the adsorption property of this screen.

Thirdly, if there is iron and manganese in the water, since they are dissolved, first, chlorine is added to oxidize these metals to form rust particles. Filternox® NTU Terminator retains these particles within its special screen.

Finally the hardest issue: what should be done if the first and second problems coexist?

Our patented double backwash system Filternox® filter can also be manufactured as NTU Terminator as a special design, to suit the specific needs of your facility or industry.  This way, very poor-quality water coming from the well is rid from particles and turbidity.

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