Sea water deep filtration with Filternox NTU Terminator to improve the inlet quality of UF & RO

We have performed another test with Filternox® NTU Terminator at a customer’s facilities, for one week. They extract seawater where occasionally there is heavy traffic of ships. The test was however carried out during a period with low ship traffic.

Filter 1 with 5 micron filtration level and Filter 2 with 2 micron filtration level were placed before UF and RO to improve working conditions and extend the life of UF and RO systems plus minimising the use of chemicals.

Test Flow Chart 1

Test Flow Chart 2

Filternox® pilot filtration system Water from main filter inlet line and filters 1 and 2 outlet water


Filter 1 Drainage Water Filter 1 Drainage Tank


As a result of the filtration tests performed, it was observed that inlet and outlet waters appeared relatively clean. The filters performed very efficient deep filtration and the drainage waters from both were significantly dirty, with a high level of turbidity.


Filternox® pilot filtration system Water from main filter inlet line and filters 1 and 2 outlet water


Filter 1 and Filter 2 drainage water Filter 2 drainage water sample image of particles hold


At the outlet of the sea water treatment, turbidity removing efficiency Filternox filters was 41% at the first stage and 68% at the second stage, on average. On the other hand, TSS removing efficiency in a single stage was over 70%.

Using Filternox® NTU Terminator filtration system as pre-filtration before a UF system, we can conclude:

  • The system can filter out peak or high dirt loads that may occur, especially during periods of heavy sea traffic, before they reach UF and RO systems and keep them protected.
  • Performance of UF systems and service lifespan of UF membranes will increase.
  • Thanks to the increase in UF system performance, the dirt load on the RO membranes will decrease and the service life of the RO membranes will also increase.
  • There will be no need to use the cartridge filters after the UF system, before the RO system; or if used, the cartridge life will be much longer.
  • Reduction in the amount of chemicals used in the system.
  • Decrease in maintenance time and expenses.
  • Decrease in the amount of wastewater discharged for the backwashing of UF and RO systems.

Keep your UF and RO systems safe and healthy. Save water and our world!