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World’s most advanced self-cleaning filter

We are pleased to present the advanced technology NTU Terminator series of automatic self cleaning filters, developed by Filternox® Engineering and R&D department.

Filternox® NTU Terminator series filters have been specially developed to filter turbidity and suspended solids in water, thanks to its special composite screen and are successfully used in different industries and with different water qualities.

High TSS and turbidity removal from water can be tough. Filternox® NTU Terminator filters are a great choice for the job!

Ultimate Removal of TSS & Turbidity

  • Exclusive composite screen developed by Filternox R&D team
  • Fully automatic, electronically controlled
  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Minimal drainage water

Suitable Applications

  • UF and RO installations
  • Nozzle protection for various applications
  • Industrial process water & recycling systems
  • Protection of equipment sensitive to TSS and Turbidity (such as chromatograph etc.)
  • Cooling tower water filtration
  • Improving the quality of urban network water at private and public buildings
  • Recovery / reuse of WWTP effluent water
  • Sand / media filter drainage water filtration
  • TSS improvement of industrial or residential WWTP discharge water
  • Polishing the water and increasing UV transmittance for better UV disinfection

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Application Examples

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