8 units of Filternox® PFH-MR model filters are controlled by 1 PLC Control Panel.

The photo was taken just a week ago, and it’s remarkable to see how the Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters have been consistently operating flawlessly since the day they were first put into operation. Even after 11 years, they continue to perform at the same exceptional level as they did on the very first day.

Cooling tower water filtration for compressor protection
Total flow
1440 m3/h
180 m3/h/ filter
Design Pressure
Filtration Level 150 micron
Material: Filter Body / Element AISI 304L / AISI 316L
Model 4 units PFH 112608-MR (First order in 2012)
4 units PFH 116608-MR (Second order in 2014)
Filter Quantity 8
Cost of Consumables and Spare Parts Only 5% of the filter investment cost in 11 years