Filternox® proudly presents the new generation Single Stage Combined Vacuum Nozzle & Brush Cleaning Filter; the SPT-WBV.

SPT-WBV-a25 years working in filtration systems technology and more than 10 years of manufacturing filters with high quality standards award our company with the latest and most rigorous compilation of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Along these years we have been witness to the great increase in the usage of surface water, especially sea water and river water due to decreasing capacity of underground aquifers and the changes in the global patterns.

Subsequently, the execution of continuous research, development and innovation is one of our main policies in order to ease the filtration applications and convert them into more effective ones.

The new Filternox® SPT-WBV model filters are specially designed for surface water filtration with the ability to filter both coarse and fine particles together, increasing efficiency and lowering costs even further.

Laboratory and field tests show that our new filter model has proven to be a key technological progress towards efficient sea and river water filtration.

Technical specifications are presented on the PDF document link provided below.

Introduction Document