Artificial Snow Application

Filter Applications

Filternox® offers filtration solutions for Artificial Snow Production applications.

Pollution that may occur in Artificial Snow Production Applications is as follows:

  • Pollution that may come from raw water source
  • Pollution from return water of snowmelt
  • Contamination from the atmosphere in the cooling tower

Contamination on your line can cause blockages in the nozzles, causing damage to the machines and affecting the production of the artificial snow at the desired level adversely.

Filternox® filters remove coarse and fine particles from your water source with its automatic backwash cleaning system to secure your line and process.

Filternox® filters save water by reducing the amount of waste water and, thus reducing your operating costs and enabling you to have a more environmentally friendly system.

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Recommended filters for artificial snow application

Filternox SPT-WBV-MR and FMS-WBV-MR Self-Cleaning Filters can be easily integrated into your system.

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