Last week we carried out some testing at our customer’s facilities. They are one of Turkey’s leading iron and steel factories. Our customer was quite pleased with the results.​

Filtration test was carried out with Filternox® NTU Terminator filtration system.

Filternox pilot filtration system Water from main filter inlet line and filter outlet water
Filter Drainage Tank Contaminants retained in the filter drainage tank Particles settling in the filter drain sample


Using water taken from the cooling water delivery line, the Filternox® filtration system achieved a very high efficiency by removing 64.3% of TSS and reducing turbidity by 75.2% on average.

Drainage Water Filter Drainage Tank


As a result of this test, we conclude that all the water can be cleaned to an exceptionally low degree of pollution in a very short period of time by using the Filternox® NTU Terminator filters. We recommend our customers to use them to minimize blockages in the system, save make-up water and reduce unnecessary maintenance work and energy losses.