This filtration system was produced and delivered as a skid system by Filternox® for City Hospital in Istanbul in 2018. It has been successfully commissioned in May 2020 and is now fully operational. The skid system comprises a pump and all other auxiliary equipment including a PLC control panel.

Location City Hospital Istanbul – Turkey
Application Cooling Tower Base Spray System: Water Filtration with Filternox® Skid System
Flow Rate 320 m3/h
Filter Body and Skid Structure Material AISI 304L
Filter Element Material AISI 316L
Model Filternox® PFH 116508-MR
Filter Quantity 2 units (with full skid system)
Control System PLC Control Panel with 7” HMI touch screen.
Frequency converter, RS communication system
System Description Fully automatic Skid System with filter, pump, and auxiliary equipment with HMI touch screen PLC electric control panel.