After the design phase, as published on Nov 4, 2019, manufacturing and testing phase of the project have been completed on Dec 19, 2019. Commissioning is completed on Mar 08, 2021 and the filtration system is working smoothly.

Location Istanbul Bosphorus / Turkey
Application Sea Water Filtration
Flow Rate 300 m3/h/filter
Filter Body Material AISI 316L
Filter Element Material Duplex Stainless steel
Model Filternox® SPT-WBV-MR patented filter
Filter Quantity 4 unit (3 duty + 1 stand-by)
Automation PLC + RS Communication System with Frequency Converter
System Description Filternox®‘s new generation SPT-WBV-MR model filters with international patented technology are manufactured to filter sea water in a 5-star hotel under construction in the Bosphorus. When the project is completed, the sea water to be filtered by Filternox® filters will be used for cooling in the heat exchanger system.

Phase 3 – Commissioning

Phase 2 – Manufacturing, Testing & Delivery

Dec 2019

Phase 1 – Design

Nov 2019