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Filternox® provides efficient and easy-to-use solutions in the fields of Heat Exchanger Cooling Water and Sea Water Filtration.

Contaminants in your cooling water cause heat exchangers to get blocked. In this case, filtration is very important because this blockage will cause problems in your system by preventing cooling (heat transfer) at the desired level.

Filternox® filters filter both coarse and fine particles in your water and prevent clogging problems in the heat exchangers. In this way, you will increase your operating efficiency and reduce your operating and maintenance costs.

Filternox® filters save water by reducing the amount of waste water you discharge. Thus it reduces your operating costs and enabling you to have a more environmentally friendly system.

Filternox® filter models suggested for sea water filtration in oil refinery applications have special technology that can perform filtration for both coarse and fine particles in the same filter body. The filters have a double effect cleaning mechanism.(see video) In the first stage cleaning, coarse particles are removed from the drain by sweeping the surface of the screen with the aid of a brush. The second stage cleaning is realized just right after the brush cleaning which fine particles on the screen surface are sucked out of the drain by the help of a vacuum nozzle. The backflush drainage of the brush and nozzle systems are independent from each other. This cleaning process will be selected in two stages or three stages depending on your system pollution.

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