Filters for HVAC & Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems


Before we begin presenting our Filters for HVAC & Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions.

Can you ship to Middle-East? We are shipping Filternox® filters at least once a week to countries in the Middle-East region including:

Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Oman, Yemen and Bahrain.

Can it withstand harsh atmospheric conditions like excessive heat, sand storms or moisture? How about high salinity?
Our filters are trusted by many global brands and can keep working flawlessly with certified UV and IP resistances. We can build filters with super-duplex materials for extremely salty sea water and brackish fossil aquifers.
Are you able to provide maintenance service? Our filters do not require frequent maintenance, however we are able to provide service personnel worldwide.


Cooling towers act in a similar way to air scrubbers by collecting all particles from the surrounding environment into the cooling water. These particles, such as dust, sand, algaes and pollen easily attach to hot surfaces during circulation inside the cooling system and cause clogging, fouling and reduction in efficiency of the process, which results in the shut down of the system for cleaning. Efficient filtration is very important for maintaining the continuous operation of the cooling system.

By using Filternox® filters in your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) or  cooling tower water treatment systems, either as sidestream or full flow applications, you will avoid all of these problems.

By filtering the cooling water, you will also decrease chemical material consumption for water conditioning. (chlorine, biocides, algaecides, etc.)

HVAC and cooling tower water treatment

Application photos

cooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filtercooling tower filterPFH-MR_Cooling-Water-Filtration_1.1SPT_Cooling-Tower_1.2cooling tower filter Filternox SFH-Pcooling tower filtercooling tower filter FilternoxSPT-WBV-MR_Cooling-Tower_2.2SPT-WBV-MR_Cooling-Tower_1.2cooling tower filtercooling tower filtrationcooling tower filtrationcooling tower filtrationcooling tower filtrationspt wbv mr cooling

Recommended filters for HVAC & cooling towers

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