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Sprinkler System

su-testi1Filternox® filters are widely used in the automotive industry as well as in different processes and units of many industrial plants such as iron and steel, paper, textile, plastic and chemistry.

Automatic Self-Cleaning filters are preferred for water recovery and spray nozzle clogging prevention in the sprinkler system where the vehicles are tested for leakages.


su-testi2The vehicles are contaminated with sand, gravel, silt and other pollutants during the various tests carried out at open-air environment after their production. Following these tests, the vehicles are subjected to a leakage test. For that, the water sprayed on the vehicle is contaminated with pollutants on it and collected in a pool. The water in the pool is fed back to the sprinkler system to provide a continuous circulation.

These types of contaminants and particles must be removed before they pass to the water sprinkler system in order to prevent clogging at the spray nozzles and also to prevent scratching on the vehicle paint and make the test more efficient.


Filternox® SPT-WBV-MR model filtration system has a patented design that enables effective filtration of water containing coarse and fine particles. SPT-WBV-MR, which has a double-effect cleaning system with brush and vacuum nozzle, is automatically cleaned from coarse particles on the surface of the screen by brush and then fine particles from the surface of the screen by vacuum nozzle. cleaning.


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