Filternox® Self Cleaning Filters

Filternox® automatic self-cleaning filters guarantee excellent quality filtration. Result of years of R&D in the field, they are ideal for the industrial sector.

Product description

Filternox® filters can treat flow rates from 5 m³/h to more than 3000 m³/h, from several mm down to 2 microns.

The filter element wash system helps maintain a continuous filtration process, even during the wash sequence.

The filter’s cleaning system maintains a continuous filtration process during the backflush cycle. Filternox® provides unique, innovative, economical and reliable systems for industrial water filtration, developed by qualified engineers and built by certified welders.

Filters are built according to European directives, are 100% tested before delivery and delivered with test certificates.

Quality assurance by ISO 9001.2008

Environmental management certification by ISO 14001

Customer needs and expectations

  • Prevention:
    • Mechanical corrosion
    • Mechanical breakage
    • Fouling, clogging
  • Equipment protection:
    • Industrial
    • For water management and production
    • Irrigation in agriculture
    • Piping and valves
  • Decrease:
    • Consumption of chemicals
    • Energy consumption
    • Maintenance costs
    • Operational costs

The advantages of a Filternox® self-cleaning filter

The self-cleaning filters that we offer have superior characteristics. Whether in terms of its structure, its design and its robustness, the filtration of your water is carried out efficiently.

Self-cleaning filters also have other advantages, starting with its very small size and relatively light weight. They provide you with significant energy savings and unparalleled durability compared to other brands.

Custom made to your specifications!

  • Manufacture according to different pressure standards
  • Removable filter screens
  • Filtration levels from 2 µm to 4,000 µm
  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Custom design

Delivery times are reduced as much as possible in order to respond as quickly as possible to urgent requests.

Filternox® introductory videos

Filternox® self-cleaning filter applications

Filternox® self-cleaning filters are used for the filtration of water containing suspended solids, particles, macroorganisms or other solid contaminants, in the following applications:

  • Cooling tower side-stream & full-flow applications
  • HVAC circuit
  • Sprinkler protection
  • Irrigation
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Filtration of sea water, surface water and well water
  • Protection of heat exchangers
  • Water & wastewater treatment plants
  • Pre-filtration for ultra filtration and/or reverse osmosis systems
  • Other industrial applications such as: automotive, food & beverage, plastics, metallurgy, power generation, fish farms, etc.
  • All water reuse purposes

Filternox® self-cleaning filter models

Filternox® has developed filters that can work on water with a very high concentration of solid particles, even for very fine filtration levels.

You can find the complete model range on this page.

With its specially developed dual self cleaning system, equipped with brushes and suction nozzles, SPT-WBV-MR is able to filter water containing both large and fine particles simultaneously.  It achieves exceptional performance and offers a definitive and permanent solution for high polluting load applications.

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Filternox ACF-W-MR The Filternox® ACF-W-MR filter is equipped with a brush cleaning system that offers an efficient and simple solution to prefiltration and filtration needs in a wide and variable application range. These filters can be mounted directly on the piping, vertically or horizontally, online or inline, and offer high filtration capacities for minimum space requirement.

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Filternox® FMS-WBV-MR models are compact motorized filters with specially developed double effect self cleaning system consisting of brushes & vacuum nozzles. Designed for low flow, high load filtration of solid particles.

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Filternox KFH-WBVV-MR Automatic self-cleaning KFH-WBVV-MR filters have double stage filtration, fully automatic cleaning system and provide permanent solution for sea water and surface water filtration with their rust-proof construction. Capable of high dirt loads.

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Filternox CFH-MR_2 CFH series of filters have a unique housing design with two consecutive stages of advanced vacuum nozzle cleaning system which gives CFH an amazingly high dirt removal efficiency.

The CFH-MR model is equipped with a patented double stage filtration system.

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Filternox® PFH-MR models are supplied with manual coarse screen and motor for low pressure and heavy duty industrial filtration applications.

With their stainless steel construction and higher filtration surface area, PFH-MR provides excellent performance in low pressure industrial applications.and are especially convenient for side-stream and full flow cooling tower filtration.

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Filternox PQR-MR Filternox® PTW-MR, PTR-MR and PQR-MR models have independent fine screen modules for one inlet-outlet. These models provides larger filtration area compared to PFH-MR models, they are convenient for the filtration of the water with high flow rates and high amounts of particles.
Filternox PQR-VMR With their special design, PQR-VMR models provide safe and uninterrupted filtration.

Filternox® secures up to 200.000cm2 filtration area with its largest PQR-VMR model filters.

All Filternox® Motor Reducer models have the option to adjust either one way or round trip cleaning sequences resulting in lesser drainage water consumption.

FMS-V-MR is suitable for use in a wide range of application areas with low liquid flow rate and low filtration requirements.

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Filternox SPT-MR

Automatic Self-Cleaning SFH-MR, SPT-MR models are supplied without protective coarse screen and suitable for low flow applications in industrial plants, local irrigation systems and domestic usage where water does not contain coarse particles.
  • Minimum and adjustable water consumption during backflush
  • Adjustable rpm of cleaning mechanism
  • The option of either one way or round trip cleaning sequences via control panel
Special SPT-MR models of Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters are suitable for applications that require medium to large filtration capacity.

Designed for systems which are required to do fine filtration in a limited space. Vertical installation and small footprint combined with back flushing system and high filtration performance makes the Special SPT-MR an absolute necessity.

Filternox KQR-B-VMR Automatic self-cleaning KQR-B-VMR models with rust proof body are ideal and a permanent solution for sea and surface water containing very high dirt loads.

KQR-B-VMR models have a unique coarse-screen and multiple fine screens with one inlet and outlet, able to make two stage filtration and are suitable for high flow rates.

KQR-B-VMR can be installed inline or online.

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Filternox BMF Filternox® BMF manually cleaned models are manufactured to meet the capacity, fluid type, temperature, pressure and micron rating requirements of specific installations.


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