Shipping to Dubai

Dubai has been continuing to replace their old filters with innovative, patented-technology Filternox filters.

Filternox Filters VS Sand Filters

Real-world benefits of using Filternox filters over conventional sand filters:   Automatic Filternox Filters Pressurized Sand Filters Space Occupation Requires less space for any given capacity. Requires a larger space to filter same amount of liquids. Footprint The space occupied is up to 6 times less area. Sand filters occupy a large area which can be used for other tasks instead. Total weight Weighs up to 6 times less. Provides easy storage and maintenance. Weighs considerably more and hard to handle and store. Bulk weights make initial construction cost, maintenance, operation and storage area availability huge problems to deal with. […]

Prefiltration for Paper Mill Factory

Filtration Solution for Prefiltration of Paper Mill Factory, Handling 2000 m3/h within a Single Self Cleaning Filter Unit Location Svishtov, Bulgaria Application Prefiltration of river water with self cleaning filter Total Flow 4000 m3/h Filter Model Filternox ACF-W 140520-MR Amount of filter units 2 units Coarse Screen Area 2000 m3/h Filtration Level 3 mm Screen area / filter 25.000 cm2 / filter Body material Epoxy coated carbon steel Screen material AISI 316L

İzmir Seferihisar Irrigation Filter Station

Application İzmir Seferihisar irrigation filter station Application point Sluice outlet of dam Filtration flow rate 3780 m³/h Filter type Double stage automatic self cleaning filter Filter model Filternox® KQR-BWBV 416520-MR Filter quantity 3 1st stage filtration area 20.000 cm²/filter 2nd stage filtration area 38.400 cm²/filter Total filtration area 175.200 cm²   Installation of the filter station, which has 2 stage filtration with automatic self-cleaning system has been completed. Filtration level of the 1st stage of the filters is 2mm and the filtration level of the 2nd stage is 200 microns. 200 micron 2nd stage of the specially designed filter station […]

Filtration solution for mining facility in Canada

 Location:   Mining facility, Canada  Application:   Filtration of mine washing water recirculation with automatic filters.  Filtration capacity:   400 m3/h  Number of filters:   1 duty + 1 stand-by  Filter model:   Filternox SPT-WBV 120408-MR  System description:   Uninterrupted water filtration station with PLC remote control and monitoring.

Aquatech-2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands

We participated in Aquatech / Amsterdam between Nov 3rd and 6th and it was a very successful participation with many visitors. Thank you all who had come and visited us during the exhibition.

Custom Made Filtration Solution for Italy

Application: Sea water filtration solution to avoid sand filter Flow Rate: 200 m³/h Filter Type: Double stage filter with triple cleaning mechanism Filtration Level:      First Stage 100 micron, Second Stage 25 micron Filter Model: KFH-WBVV 116508-MR

Shipping to India

Application: Side stream cooling water filtration Filtration Type: Skid mounted filtration system Location: India Flow Rate: 2 x 60 m³/h Model of Filter: KFH-B 110204-MR

Achema 2015

Filternox keeps staying close to its customers and in the heart of the industry! Filternox® participated in ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt last week, one of the most prestigious exhibitions known worldwide. It was a very successful participation and meeting point for us to come across with professionals from all around the world and to have the opportunity working with new customers. Filternox® introduced newly developed products and shared information with its visitors during the exhibition. We thank everybody who visited us during the exhibition!

Historical Achievement in Water Filtration

Historical Development in Water Filtration by Filternox® FILTERNOX® has recently launched the first large scale Filter Station for channel water which can handle coarse and fine filtration together in the same filter body. The Location is Urfa-Suruç, TURKEY. Incoming Pipe Diameter: 1800 mm Total Flow: 6500 lt/sec (23.400 m3/h) Amount of filter units: 14 units of FILTERNOX® KQR-B 612620 Filters   14 x Filternox® KQR-B 612620 MODEL FILTER Flow Per Filter: 1672 m3/h Design Pressure: PN 10 Design temperature: 65 °C Flow Per Filter: 23.100 cm2/ filter (2mm) Fine screen area: 41.500 cm2/ filter (200 mic) Body material: AISI 304L Screen material: […]